Bigg Boss freezes Neha Bhasin in Raqesh Bapat’s lap, watch him scream in pain, ‘I’m not going to have children anymore’

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty are back to being friends. In a new promo shared by Voot, Raqesh asked Shamita to give him a kiss but things did not go as he might have hoped.

As the clip began, Raqesh was seen asking Shamita: “Come, Shamita, kiss me.” Shamita walked off towards the kitchen area, saying ‘thank you very much’. Neha Bhasin then walked towards Raqesh, who was lying on a sofa, and said: ‘Tum iss ladki ke saath connection banana chahte ho joh itna ’fufu’ karti hain? (You want a connection with this girl who has so much attitude)” 

Just then Shamita came charging towards her and pushed her over the sofa on Raqesh. As Neha lost balance and slided on top of Raqesh, Bigg Boss announced ‘sabhi gharwale, freeze’. With Shamita precariously holding on to Neha (lest she fall, head first), Raqesh said, “My ba**s are hurting! I can’t be sitting in this position.” After they are released from the hold, Raqesh said, “I’m not going to have children anymore.”



Raqesh and Shamita have been one of the most-talked about pairs on Bigg Boss OTT. Viewers will recall how he has comforted and supported all through their stay in the house. On one occasion, she had even requested him to kiss her. However, the last few days, have also see them fight bitterly. 

Both of them spoke to Neha and expressed their views about each other. Confiding in Neha, Shamita had said how it was obvious that the two were fond of each other but she had one issue with him. She said: “It’s so obvious that we do, right? He’s lovely but he seems very confused sometimes which is a little disturbing to me because I’m not confused. When I’ve taken a decision, I stand by it.”

Few days later, Raqesh had opened up about his feelings. He told Neha, “I have given her utmost support. Every time when she used to break down, I would be there for her. But every time she cannot expect me to be there for her. I need her to be there for me as well.”

Their many fights notwithstanding, Shamita’s mother Sunanda had a positive view of him. On her recent visit inside the Bigg Boss house to boost Shamita’s morale, she said Raqesh was ‘such a sweet man, he’s a gentleman’.


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